Movie review: Jumanji

Movie review: Jumanji

Ahhhh, Jumanji! The name itself excites me.
This movie is all about four teenagers who get lured into playing a magical board game (which sucks in whoever plays it). With mega stars such as Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), Kevin Hart, Jack Black, Nick Jonas and Karen Gillan starring in it, this movie is and always will be a great hit.

First things first, my personal opinion is that this movie was one of the best I’ve seen so far. It’s full of humor and adventure and the storyline is absolutely amazing. You have to catch this movie before it’s out of the cinema, I guarantee you that it is worth your money and your time.

So basically this plot is all about saving Jumanji from the evil curse that has been placed on it by returning a stone that was stolen by Van Pelt: a greedy treasure hunter.

On their way, they meet Alex a boy who has been stuck in the game for 20 years….

Here is a mini character profile :

Dr.Smolder bravestone :

‘Leader of the group’

Avatar of: Spencer Gilpin
Weaknesses: NOTHING!!
Strengths: boomerang, strength, speed, smoldering looks, climbing

Moose Finbar :

‘Dr.Smolder’s sidekick’
Avatar of : Anthony ‘fridge’ Johnson

Weakness: cake, speed, strength
Strengths: zoology, weapons valet

Ruby roundhouse :

‘Killer of men’
Avatar of : Martha Kaply
Weakness: venom
Strength: karate, tai Chi, Aikido , dance fighting

Shelly Oberon :

‘The accidental male character’

Avatar of : Bethany Walker
Weakness: Endurance
Strength: cartography, archaeology, paleontology

Seaplane Mcdonough :

‘The best pilot out there’

Avatar of : Alex Vreek
Weakness: mosquito bites
Strength: pilot, making margaritas.

I really hope you will enjoy Jumanji as much as I did and I hope this article helped you understand just enough to enjoy the movie.

Alex ( seaplane) doesn’t die after the mosquito attack!!

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