Hayatt Cancer Foundation

Hayatt Cancer Foundation

The Social Committee presents…

October’s Charity of the Month: The Hayatt Cancer Foundation

The Hayatt Association is composed of a group of concerned female volunteers dedicated to serving their community and alleviating the suffering caused by cancer. Hayatt was founded to be part of the “Ruqayah Abdulwahab Alqatami Charity Foundation” and was officially recognized by the Ministry of Social Affairs in 2008.

About the founder: Ruqayah AlQatami

Hayatt was founded by an insightful grandmother who was deeply saddened by her grandson falling victim to cancer. She made it the aim of the foundation to positively impact and serve underprivileged persons who have been afflicted by cancer. Importantly, this grand lady wanted to give them hope and to enlighten their life.

Interested in finding out more about her? Click here: https://www.hayatt.org/ruqaya-story.asp

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