Graphic Designer’s Note

“It’s freezing and snowing in New York–we need global warming!” -Donald John Trump on Twitter.

I thought it’d be a great idea to start this off with a bit of Trump. It just lightens up the mood. Kind of.

I hope you guys are liking the new website. Our team has been working very hard since taking over the old Print in September to make sure that some much-needed changes were to go through with The Print.

Our goal is to ultimately make The Print into a website that will help you kill some time every day during form class, as well as keep you up to date with everything school related; essentially becoming a part of your school life. This is going to be very challenging because you people are so hard to please but we’ll get there. Slowly, but surely. We have a few exciting changes planned already and our brilliant team will be implementing them over the course of the school year.

Save a Soul Animal Shelter
Meeting Tousa, my favourite doggo.

Right, so.

I’m Fan Yu, er- Yufan and I’m one of the many deputy editors we have this year, as well as the “tech guy” of the team. I am also the mama bear to this website and if something is not working properly on this website, I probably made a whoopsie.

It has been a genuinely enjoyable experience so far working with an amazing team and I hope you like what we’re doing with The Print.

The Print is not a one-sided conversation.

Just remember that The Print represents the entire NES community, and that means you’re a part of this too. There is a suggestion box for you to fuel us with ideas for improvement. Soon, you’ll also be able to publish your own articles without having to officially join the Print and attend meetings.

Have a good one folks.


Deputy editor and Lead Designer