Chief Editor’s note

My name is Nadine Soliman and I’m this year’s Chief Editor of the Print. Being given this role is a huge honour, and I hope to meet and exceed the expectations for the Print that you and I both have. 

The role entails overseeing the articles that our journalists write; and help format the presentation of the Print website. My job is to ensure that different students can always find an article that interests them. Balancing my new responsibility with life in the sixth form will be a little challenging, I’ll admit. But I’m sure that, with good time-management, some popcorn in the common room, and such an intelligent, innovative team, I’ll be able to get the job done.

Read about whatever interests you. I hope that the Print, over the course of the year, targets each and every one of your interests, so we can benefit you all in the way that we can.  Be sure to tell us what you would like to see included! 

You don’t have to read only if you want to become a bestselling author. Even if you want to be a doctor, mathematician or even a businessperson, reading is essential. It shows that you have a multitude of skills and interests and are willing to utilise and make the most of them. So make the most of the Print. Read it, learn from it, write for it.

Your chances of being featured on the Print are higher than ever! This year, we’re going to start publishing one article every other day, which means that you can submit an article whenever you want, and you might just see it up on the magazine a few days later!

All I have left to say is, good luck this year! Work hard, manage your time well, and make the most of the opportunities that NES provides.

Chief Editor of the Print