U19 Netball Champions 17/18

U19 Netball Champions 17/18

The U19 netball girls strike again with a great win against BSK, managing to secure their position in first place for the second time consecutively. This game was honestly one of the most intense games we have ever played and I am pretty sure our sixth form supporters thought the same as well. By the end of the first quarter, BSK was ahead by 5 points, however, we didn’t let that fact intimidate us and as soon as the second quarter started, our girls went in with a great comeback, managing to score 5 points in a row. The game was neck to neck until the last few minutes. Both teams were fighting hard and none of us gave up but it was a matter of who wanted it more. Since it was the last netball game for many of our girls like Shaikha, Rawan, Olivia, eve and Anja we truly wanted to come out of this game with our gold medals. We refused to lose, so we kept on going until the final buzzer went off. The score was 26-24 to NES. Celebratory hugs and wonderful cheers crowded the court.

This netball team has genuinely become like a family to me and the idea of that game being my last netball one at NES with the team made me realize just how much I will miss this and all the wonderful memories we shared. We have literally been together through it all. All our crazy bus rides, our fitness training, and all our sports trips- Sri Lankan netball tour being one of the best highlights- will forever be cherished in our hearts and never be forgotten. The journey could not have been any better and our netball family could not have been more special.

Best wishes to those that are leaving in their separate ways and to those of you staying next year, let’s keep up the high standards of netball and keep the trophy where it belongs ladies!

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