U19 Football 17/18 overview

U19 Football 17/18 overview

At the beginning of the football season, I was skeptical about the players that had been chosen to be in the Open Age team. Most of the players that were picked were young players in year 11 with no experience playing in the Open Age category before. After getting to know the coach and building stronger relationships with the other players, we started building our team chemistry and began to look like a proper team. With hard work, dedication and a lot of hours put in by our coach, we all improved individually and as a team in terms of fitness, skill, and teamwork.

We started off the season stronger than ever in NES Open Age history with a 10-0 win against FSIS. Even though they did not challenge us too much, it helped us in getting to know each other and know our style of play as well as boost our confidence really early on the season which gave us momentum to carry on our winning streak in the following games. Our next game was against TEA where we managed to scrape off a 1-0 victory in an unconvincing manner as they gave us a run for our money and really challenged us physically and mentally. After that, we came back really strong in our next game versus ESF, where we ended up beating them  9-2 in a very confident manner. This gave us a mental boost for our next games versus our long history school rivals, which go a long way back: BSK! In our game against them, we took the lead in the first half with a 1-0 lead which was a very intense and taxing first half. During our second half, we played the best football that I have been part of in my NES sports career. We dominated the second half and they were very overwhelmed with our attack as well as our defense as they failed to hit the target during the entire second half. This half was ended with a sublime play to a beautiful last-minute goal.

In the last game of our regular season, we played against KES, a very strong side, where they managed to give us our first loss of the season with a 1-0 loss where I truly thought we could have made a comeback and won that game. I think we lost the game because of our mentality going into the game which affected our play. We finished 2nd in the table which made us go against our rivals once more: BSK. An early unfortunate goal in the first few minutes of the game put us against our backs as we had a lot on the line in this game. We failed to make a comeback, and unfortunately, our season had to come to an end earlier than we had hoped, as our goal was to make it to the finals and win. This felt like deja vu as we lost last year in the semis against BSK in a similar manner.

I would like to thank our coach, Mr.Younger and my team for all their hard work and dedication throughout the season. I would also like to thank Mr. Smith for taking time out of his very busy day, to watch and support us throughout the season in our matches. I am looking forward to our 5-a side tournament where I hope we can bring home the title this year.

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