Think Pink, and Thinking Pink

Think Pink, and Thinking Pink

Thinking Pink? Some of you might be scratching your heads over that phrase. To explain, breast cancer is a huge issue in today’s world, affecting millions of people globally. Each year in October, we attempt to raise awareness about it, help support its victims and hopefully find a cure! Each year it has received more and more support around the world, including right here in NES! We sell ribbons around the school and send all the funds to charities that support victims and aid in the research of the disease. Hence the term “Thinking Pink”, and our annual event: Think Pink.

The Think Pink event is held each year within the school grounds for 6th formers and teachers. It aims to help raise awareness for breast cancer and let friends come together for the greater good. This year the event took place on the 22nd of October, and students and teachers alike were encouraged to dress up in pink. For the most part, as I attended as well, everyone wore pink and looked extravagant! Not only was it an eye-opening evening, but also a fun one.

What exactly did happen and what did people do at this event? Anthony Salandy, Head of the Social Committee, gave a wonderful greeting to start off the event! Dr. Samir, from the New Mowasat Hospital, came along and delivered a short presentation on breast cancer awareness, where it first originated, how the ribbon was formed, and the different causes of breast cancer. The extremely talented Michelle and Charlotte Pak gave a wonderful performance during the night. During the event, music was played by Amr, Noor, Juan, Hamza and Mr. Rusanu. Some brave participants shaved their heads for charity and for support of the cause. Food was served during the event such as shawarma, potato twisters (or as I would like to call, twistie potatoes), ice cream and much more! There was a vote for the best dressed in Year 12 and Year 13. For Year 12 it went to Habiba Darwish and for Year 13 it went to Hamza Sherif. To wrap up the evening, an auction was held by Ms. Doran; many teachers and students went home with goodies at not so great to great prices! It was a fun-packed evening, to say the least. Not to mention that we managed to raise at least KD1500!

This event was very enjoyable for everyone and helped support breast cancer awareness as a whole. There were good times to be had! A huge thank you to the Social Committee for setting up such an amazing event and a thank you to all those who made the event a blast! Also, remember, Think Pink!

For additional information on breast cancer awareness, and an exclusive interview with a very brave breast cancer survivor, visit our ‘The Do-good Project’ section here:


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