Inter-house Drama Competition

Inter-house Drama Competition

Ah, the inter-house drama competition. One of the most important events in the NES calendar; it’s practically the Oscars!

Each year, the rivalry between the houses increases. This year was an especially heated event. There was so much talent exuding from the performances!

Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen – the results.

Original devised:

1st place: Tylos

2nd place: Gerrha

3rd place: Dilmun

4th place: Ikaros  

Best Monologue:

Sairuna Liwanda  


1st place: Tylos

2nd place: Dilmun

3rd place: Ikaros

4th place: Gerrha

Best supporting actress:

Mingna Cui

Best actress:

Fatema Hashem 

Best supporting actor:

Ahmed Sheikh 

Best actor:

Sami Benobaid

At the end of the day, Tylos won yet again- the third time in a row! Congratulations to them. All house were very close together in terms of their score, with Gerrha in second place, tied with Dilmun and Ikaros coming a close third.

First place! Look at those smiles

While not everyone may have won an award, the entire audience would agree that it was an extremely hard task for the judges to rank each house- surely theirs was the toughest job. 

We are all proud of everyone that participated and won awards. However, all credits go to the Heads of Houses; Ms. Schipper, Dr. Myers, Ms. De Villiers and Ms. Rourke; without them, we wouldn’t be united in the first place. Special thanks obviously go to Mr. Marks who helped each team without being biased or unfair- helping us all to give our best. And of course, huge thanks to Olly and Ranna for making sure everything ran as smooth as butter.

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