The Welcome Back Dinner

The Welcome Back Dinner

How do you celebrate the year 11s and 12s pushing through their IGs and A levels? You throw them a well-deserved Welcome Back dinner!

The 20th of September marked an event to welcome fresh 6th formers coming in from year 11, some of these being new students. It also welcomed back returning 6th formers into their final year at school. It was a two-hour long event that took place in our very own common room. The event was to congratulate all the students for being able to make it through IGs and AS levels and surprisingly managing to survive!

The students talked to each other and even socialised with many teachers who also came along – who knew teachers were so friendly?

There were a lot of people; in fact there were so many, the common room was packed! You could barely take a step without treading on someone’s shoes.

Since this was a dinner, we were, of course, going to have dinner. Mughal Mahal, quite a well-known Indian cuisine known throughout Kuwait, was served at the dinner. Many of the finest foods were served such as kebabs, curry, biryani and many Indian specialties! There were even some delightful desserts to end the night with. The dinner was a great experience which everyone seemed to enjoy! It was a warm, intimate event that really helped create a spark and start the year with a bang for the teachers and 6th formers.

For me and my fellow colleagues, we have a very busy year ahead of us, this I know for sure. But here in the 6th form, we are sure to handle it like the beasts we are! The dinner was a chance to announce this year’s leadership team in front of the whole of the sixth form. The Head Boy and Girl were announced, along with their deputies. Not to mention the Chair of the Social Committee, Head of the Docent Program, the Peer-to-peer co-ordinator and SG of MUN. And we can’t forget our very own Editor of the Print! It was a great chance to cheer our team on.

Congratulations to all the people who were able to secure these positions and have a great year to all of you as you all have a busy year ahead.

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