Go Green Day

Go Green Day

Go Green Day: A day we haven’t had in NES for 2 years.


Well, we just couldn’t manage to keep our school grounds clean. However, this year we did. We would like to give a very special thanks to Ms. Armstrong who kept motivating us to look after the vicinity we have spent almost a quarter of our lives in.

While Go Green Day is about having fun, it’s also about keeping our environment clean and raising awareness of the increasing damage that is being caused to our planet, mainly in the form of climate change. Many areas that were once lush with greenery no longer exist. Now it’s raining and snowing in parts of the world where it has never rained or snowed before. The poor penguins down the south are struggling to find cool temperatures just to survive!

So for those of us who think Go Green Day is just another school event like mufti day (just to dress up), think about the affected animals and the hurricanes that have caused such tragic events.

Go Green Day is also the day where we the give back to our Earth. If you think about it, there is really no need to litter – there are plenty of bins in the playground. So, take it upon yourself to stop littering and to keep the environment safe.

You may be wondering, ‘Oh what’s one piece of plastic going to do to the environment?’ Well, the answer is simple: millions of people do that every day; so really, that one piece of plastic actually means that millions of pieces of plastic garbage are being littered on a daily basis.

Now, enough serious talk. Let’s get to the fun part!

If you were expecting to see a lot of upper-school people looking like green smurfs, you got the wrong article, because y’know… Just kidding! Look at our Peer to Peer coordinator looking ‘goofy’ in a green Goofy hat!








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