The Importance of Music in our Life

The Importance of Music in our Life

Everyone treats music differently. For some people, music is essential in life; it’s the beat that keeps them going. For others music has no meaning, it won’t make a difference if music ceased to exist.

Fun facts about music:

Some types of music are annoying for example, there must be that one song you hate that gets stuck in your mind forever and you constantly find yourself humming the same tune whether you’re aware of it or not, yeah…these are called earworms. Many will make you cringe while listening to them (ahem! ahem! Despacito??…ugh, give us a break already!). Others give you chills or goosebumps… 

Hold that thought for a second!

Did you know that when you get chills from a song it’s because your brain is releasing a chemical called dopamine while anticipating the peak moment of the song? Ever heard that saying about your heartbeat mimicking the beat of the music your listening to? Well, believe it or not, it’s actually true.


What music does to us:

Music is one of the few activities that make the whole brain work! If you work out then it’s a good idea to listen to music. You must be saying, “most of us do anyway!” but for lots of people, they would rather listen to the sound of nature around them, instead of listening to music. Now let me make one thing clear: it is better to run outside and be one with nature instead of running on a treadmill in a gym, however listening to nature doesn’t affect you as much as music. It’s listening to music that helps your workout. Plus come on, it is really fun running and listening to music while trying to match your speed and the time your feet hit the ground with the song’s beat! Aah! The endorphins…Love it! Now, let’s think psychologically. If the music is happy or not it affects how we see the world around us and how we judge people. For example, if you listen to ‘Gloomy Sunday,’ you will see the world way differently than if you listen to ‘Wild Thoughts’.  

Science and Music:

Most scientists agree that music is good for you and one of the things music can help you with, is recalling old events and improving the memory.


“As a family, we didn’t know what to do when our father was diagnosed with this Alzheimer’s disease. We have been through so many stages and now he seems to just be deteriorating to nothing. However, the music seems to have brought back some of his brains to him!”

This here is one of the many examples of music helping people with memory loss. Since we don’t want the article to be boring, I’ll keep it simple. It works similar to the way it helps people recovering from strokes. Another example and a fun experiment to try at home is that if you listen to music while doing a specific action, the lyrics or sounds you listened to while doing that particular action will be linked together. If you listen to music while playing a certain game, you will find yourself remembering the song or singing it without knowing while the game starts.

Music in classes?

Personally, I’d say that calm music helps the brain function and think and that music will help us work and if all that doesn’t work, at least it won’t make the lessons as boring! However, music won’t work in all subjects: if the subject is Arabic or math I highly doubt the music will help us focus. But, in the end, it’s all subjective! What do you think? Will music help us or not? Let us know by taking the survey below!

Just remember, somewhere out there, someone likes the same type of music as you do. If it’s Hip-Hop, Rap or dubstep, you are not alone. And don’t be scared about sharing your taste in music with your friend, who knows, maybe he or she liked the same genre but was too embarrassed to tell you.

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