Life in the 6th Form!

Life in the 6th Form!

Greetings to all year 11 students (mostly) who are planning to stay next year and have probably clicked this article due to their peek of interest to see what they have in store once they start to wear black pants and/or skirts!! This small yet sweet article should help you (yes, you) grasp the idea of what it’ll be like for you next year, a bit of a look into the future you could say…

To start, the one thing you care about the most, well I hope it is, is AS levels (well about 95% of you will want to know as the other 5% are currently doing it as I speak!) and whether they’re hard or not. Well, it’s a bit of a hard question to answer. If you’d like a short answer, it’s yes, they’re hard! If you’d like a long answer, pretty much it really depends on what you’re taking and whether you’re ready to take on the challenge or not, which can vary from subject to subject. So my biggest advice to make sure that you are completely 100% sure that you are willing to do the subjects you want to do. For example, let’s say you’re planning on taking Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and Geography. Think to yourself, “Will I really want to take Maths, an already hard subject, and make it even MORE challenging?” “Is Geography really worth taking? Am I willing to do the work?” “Will Physics be beneficial to what I want to do in the future and any unis I will apply to?” and so on and so forth. You can apply this to any subjects you take, not just the ones I mentioned!

Now that Agony Aunt is out of the way, let’s go through some of the things you can now do!

  • If you have studies, you’re gonna have even more! Since you’re not taking a lot of subjects, you’re gonna be having a lot of free time. What do you do in that free time? This will be expressed in my next point.
  • What you do in your free time:
  • The study room, if you’re not in class, doing extra activities or in the common room, you’re here!

It’s not much, but you’ll get used to it as me and many other 6th formers have! As in the name of the room, you, well, uh, study, shocker I know. It’s a great way of getting any work done or finishing any homework to make more free time in the day. However, this isn’t the only place you can go to.

Look at this student studying hard! He gets more time to be able to pass his exams and obtain a better future! This could be you next year…

  • The common room, if you’re not in class, doing extra activities or in the study room, you’re here!

Isn’t it a beauty? Here, you can pretty much do almost anything as long as it’s not studying, is appropriate and is legal. Many fun times can be had here and many memories will be made in this room! It’s a great way of killing some stress to push through the day. Not to mention, we hold daily table tennis tournaments, and Mr. Smith likes to drop by from time to time and show us just how good he is at the game.

  • More activities to do! – Now that you’re the big boy of the school, and at the top, you need to set an image for not only the school but for the years below you. So, you are handed with tasks (that are optional, but are good to do nonetheless) such as prefect duties, office duties, being a head (such as our own editor, head boy, etc.) and much more! You have much more responsibility on your hands…

There you go, that should about sum up what it will be like for you next year. It sounds like it’ll be tough, and it is, but not only will it go by fast, but it will be one of the best school years of your life!











Common room timelapse was taken by the excellent photographer, Ahmed Taha.

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  1. Really like the lapsed timeline of the common room but perhaps we could have a full day time lapsed? i.e. registration through to P5?

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