JamJam @ AlShaheed Park

JamJam @ AlShaheed Park

(scroll down for exclusive clips from the band’s performance)

Not too long ago, live musical acts in the public domain were frowned upon in Kuwait, especially if you played “Western” music, not to mention rock and metal! Musicians who played music like this were forced to remain underground due to the lack of opportunities we could find. However, things are changing. People are more open and we can finally perform to our heart’s content. Huzzah!

Recently, I had the privilege of performing in such an event called JamJam and, boy was it awesome! My band and I were super nervous, sitting there in the crowd, watching the few performers that played before us absolutely kill it. Being the youngest group certainly didn’t help with our anxiety either. It’s funny, really, because once I’m up there with my guitar in my hands, all that goes away. The confidence boost I get is incredible and I feel like I’m on top of the world.

The thing about performing on stage is that it’s always two-sided. The musicians need to give it their all, but the crowd needs to be lively, too. We feed off each other’s energies. That is the simple recipe for a successful show. That crowd killed it! They were responsive and sang along. It truly was the highlight of my life and musical career so far.

This event did not only grant me the chance to share my music with the public and start making a name for myself, it helped me meet a bunch of wonderful fellow musicians who made me feel welcome in this rapidly growing community (whom the founders appropriately called the JamFam). The JamJam event will be taking place monthly and is absolutely free of charge! The upcoming JamJam will be on the 10th of February at Shaheed Park, Phase 2 in the multi-purpose hall.

See you there!


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