Blue Day 2017

Blue Day 2017


It’s well past November and we are all noticing the gradual loss of facial hair, ribbons and the colour blue. The Social Committee’s main focus every year is to raise money for many different charities through varying methods, be it an event like Blue Day or the daily nagging at people asking them to buy ribbons. Therefore, we have decided to dedicate this month’s latest edition of the Print’s Do Good Project to recognize and celebrate all of the Social Committee’s hard efforts to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer.


It’s called fashion.


I guess you could say that Wednesday 29th of November was a lot more…blue. The sixth formers accessorized in blue to show their solidarity, while members of the Social Committee sold a large number of blue doughnuts and blue lemonade. Let’s just say we’re glad that some of the moustaches we saw were stick-on ones.

A photo of everyone who grew out moustaches for Movember. Yes, even the girls!




Aside from the blue ribbons, blue lemonade & doughnuts, the Social Committee had two cookie drives this month where we brought in baked goods and sold them to staff and some lucky students. We also did the same thing with holiday-themed cards celebrating the arrival of December.

..And did it work?

Yes! The Social Committee successfully raised a whopping KD 512, breaking the record of money raised for Movember from past years. With this year’s dedicated members of the Social Committee, don’t be surprised if we break many more.


Who pulled off the blue facial hair better?

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